UPDATE: Mar,10 2011

"Ok, friends. I absolutely understand all expectations on this tiny tool which is capable to give you Android on your iPhone in one single shot and in about 8min you gonna get iOS, Android and a fantastic Graphic Dual Boot, absolutely transparent and fully operated inside both OS by a single press of a button. Yes, Im talking about the magic SWITCH (100% graphic side a side when OS flipped). I wanna thank in a huge huge large consideration all donations I've received, sorry for not to respond one by one but Im very glad and all I can do for you is to continue coding and coding until you guys feel so happy like me. For give me all this long time trying to finish this App, but I have another important duties in my life too and need survive, you know. Thanks for understand that. Now, all I can say is: We're so close...so close! (ˆ-ˆ)"

Sergio Mcfly


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